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Friday, April 18, 2014

Never Let Your Guard Down!

Three weeks ago I got the news that the cancer markers were high in numbers in my blood. Last week the PET scan confirms tumors and I am immediately counseled to have radical surgery, chemo, and radiation. I will not let cancer take control of my life. I have complete confidence, in fact I am betting my life on, the Gerson Method of treating cancer. Not the best timing, I must say, my husband was laid off  a few months ago and is still looking for work, and I am a student with a 10 hour a week work-study job. I don't have a $2500 Norwalk Juicer as The Gerson Institute  recommends, nor can I afford to buy and juice 30 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables daily. I can't afford the Gerson clinic or a Gerson therapist at home. If I went through conventional therapy (which I believe is poison)  perhaps there would be ways to provide  the treatment and pay  for it forever, but not so with "alternative" therapy. I can see why some may resort to conventional in the absence of ability to pay. It is ironic that one's life-worth must be summed up in a dollar value. We barely survive by renting out our spare bedrooms. I shall not let the circumstances deter me, and will do as much as I am able with a second-hand Omega juicer and my small stipend  I can purchase organic produce with, and with God's help, I will detoxify and rid my body of cancer once and for all!

The China Study showed that on a diet of 5% or less casein (the protein in dairy), cancer tumors shrink, and on a diet of 20% or more casein, cancer flourishes. I am a full time, non-traditional student, but susceptible to stress of school and lack of time like anyone else.I didn't think a few M&Ms scarfed between classes would hurt .... but 6 months of  cheating on my vegan diet with M&Ms and my Breast Cancer is back. Nothing else has changed, I still eat only gluten free, organic vegan meals, drink plenty of water, and have gotten even better at avoiding chemicals in soap, shampoo, cleaning products, deodorant, makeup, etc. I use glass or stainless containers, cook only in stainless or ceramic cookware, and freshen my home using Himalayan salt lamps and essential oils. We have eliminated dry cleaning and permanent press (chemically treated) clothing, and sleep on organic cotton bedding. Thus, I can be certain the only change in my lifestyle is the small addition of casein, and I didn't run the numbers daily on my nutrients to see if it was less than 5% of my diet.

The Cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar, for-profit entity feeding off the frail, the fearful, and the uninformed. I am none of those, and will not be it's victim. I am well-read and convinced that the body can and does heal itself given the correct fuel, and not inundated with more poison. I have heard it said, "everything gives you cancer" by persons who disregard the information they read or hear as something they don't need to bother with avoiding or think it would be too hard, yet they should.  I can remember 25 or 30 years ago when I heard that cooking meat over open charcoals could cause cancer, and then a meat eater, I scoffed and said, "well at least I'll die happy with a delicious tasting burger in my tummy!" I scarcely believe that was me, but I not only said that, but continued to cook many meals over charcoal over the coming years, until I went vegan. Like the average American, I actually trusted my government to keep me safe. When I heard saccharin causes cancer in laboratory mice, I decided "if it was unsafe for humans, the FDA wouldn't allow it on the market." I wonder how many substances I had the chance to avoid, but didn't because of that faulty thinking?  So it is also with our food supply. Chemicals are sprayed, dusted, and even genetically engineered into our food and our meat's food, and have been for 50 years. Chemical such as hormones, steroids, and antibiotics are pumped into the meat, dairy, and eggs of this country. We actually charge more for food grown without chemicals, how in the world does that even make sense?   Every morsel of food in America is contaminated  unless it is 100% organic (not just claiming organic somewhere on a label) TV ads convince us our homes are smelly and dirty and we need to buy their chemicals to remedy it. Shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and toothpaste increasingly contain more ingredients made in a laboratory than are needed to get the job done. Our kitchens are full of carcinogenic teflon, BPA, aluminum, and chlorine and fluoride lurk in the water that our city's tell us are safe to drink. However, I believe it IS possible to avoid contaminants, and everyone reading this should endeavor to do so. Every step you take towards ridding your life and your body of carcinogens is a step towards health and longevity. Take control of your health, and your body!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I became too comfortable, less-diligent, even arrogant about the massive (and the small) changes I made in my life, and I assumed I was safe from disease and from cancer. Though mostly true, the changes I made and live by from my plant based organic diet to my choices in body care and home care are well and good,  keeping stress down and the mind calm is a must, as is a clean, vegan diet. So if you are one who has become less diligent about your diet (M&M's like me?) or if there is an area you haven't made the healthier change, I urge you to not let your guard down,  make the change for your health, and for the planet. To read more about these chemicals, where they lurk, etc. see this post:  My anti-cancer regimen
I will fight. I will win. How about you?


  1. it's not only casein, but also refined sugar, fats, colorants and other disgusting things in those m&m's, so it's best to avoid those. do you eat low-fat, without added oils and not too much of fatty plant foods? what about physical exercise, fresh air, enough sleep at night, relaxation, and, last bot not least, a positive attitude towards life in general? don't let fear overcome you, you can heal and I believe you will. wishing you all the best!

  2. Thank you so much. Yes you are right, sugar feeds cancer, it is cancer's favorite food. It is going to take more than removing the garbage from my gluten free, vegan diet, but I am willing to fight back with fruits and vegetables: nature's army of cancer killers!

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