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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Virtual Potluck Birthday Party!

It's my birthday weekend, and I invited fans of my Facebook page to celebrate with me at a virtual potluck party!  
Several wonderful vegan, gluten free cooks have virtually presented the following fabulous gluten free and vegan dishes for the celebration! Now pull up a chair and let's feast! Everything looks so wonderful I am already salivating!  Thank you all who brought a favorite dish to the party and celebrating my birthday with me.

I can't wait to try Chica's Quinoa Collard Wraps by Curly Haired Chica. Collards make a fantastic gluten free option for wraps of any kind, and so nutritious! She says you could also wrap this recipe in seaweed if you want a "fishy" flavor. 

I am making some easy Summer Rolls. These are raw, highly nutritious, and perfect for a summer meal with your favorite dipping sauce!

Just prepare julienned organic carrots, cucumbers, diagonally cut green onion , chopped parsley or cilantro, julienned beets, and set aside with your favorite sprouts. Soak rice paper circles (I get them at Whole Foods) in hot water for approximately 10 seconds until pliable,  (not too long or they will be sticky!), then fill the center with the veggies and wrap tightly. Voila!

Oh look, Sandy brought her famous Fajitas, oh yay! Don't they look delicious?  Let's dig in! Oh, they are even better than they look, yum! 

Cindy is bringing GF Vegan "Fish" Tacos for the party! She says, " I should probably bring margaritas to go with them"  

It looks like we get Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert, yum!
Jessica is bringing these fabulous cookies she loves from Mockingbird Bakery! Jessica recommends coconut oil instead of sunflower, and I concur that would be healthier! 

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